Essential Hair Extension care


1. Brush your ICONN Hair Extensions at least twice a day starting at the tips and working your way up to the top of your head. You should hold your hair extensions in the middle to do so. Do not vigorously brush as this will damage the hair and cause curly hair to lose its curl. A detangling brush or very wide tooth comb is recommended when detangling or brushing your hair extensions. 

2. Always brush your hair before washing to reduce the chances of tangling. 

3. The Best way to maintain the health of your hair extensions to treat your extensions like it is your own hair. Natural oils, deep treatment, cremes, and light serums are great ways to keep your extensions from becoming dry.

4. Deep condition your hair extensions regularly to maintain its optimal condition. If heat tools are used often do this at least once a month. If you have colored  of chemically treated the hair extensions ICONN recommends this at least twice a month.


1. Brush your hair with wide tooth combs, wig brush, and paddle brush only
2. Always use silk wraps when wrapping your ICONN Hair
3. When using Heat tools be sure not to have the extremely hot as it can damage the hair

4. Refrain from using extremely heavy oils and products

5. Use Sulfate free shampoo when shampooing the hair

5 Hair Care Tips

ICONN Hair Coloring Care 


1. ICONN Hair Extensions highly recommends that you get your hair extensions PROFESSIONALLY colored. 

2. Keep hair extensions moisturized at all times. 
3. When shampooing ICONN recommends you use a professional color care shampoo and conditioner for everlasting color. 


1. Condition your curly hair well. Curly texture hair is naturally drier and requires extra moisture. It is recommended to use a moisturizing or hydrating conditioner after shampooing and deep condition at least once every two weeks

2. No heat tools.

3. Avoid brushing or combing while the hair is dry this may cause breakage or shedding from the hair. Before washing is the only time you should brush the hair to detangle (If need be) using a wig brush or wide tooth comb. Using your fingers to finger comb works as well.

4. Avoid heavy styling products as it will weigh down the hair

5. Use natural oils or a light spray of water mixed with a moisturizing conditioner to spray onto the hair. This will help de-frizz and tame the hair. 
6. At night the hair should be cared for. It can be braided or twisted down after is is conditioned well and wrapped with a silk ICONN Hair Extensions Bonnet to keep moisture. 

Curly Hair Care

ICONN Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Care


1. Always brush your hair extensions before washing; as instructed in the "Essential Hair Extension Care" section.

2. Gently shampoo your hair in warm water with sulphate-free shampoo. While shampooing be sure not to scrunch your hair as this could cause tangling. If you use a lot of oils, gels, or moisturizers on the hair you can soak it in warm water if it is not attached to your head. 

3. Rinse your hair extensions with warm water after shampooing. 

4. Gently apply sulfate-free shampoo without scrunching the hair extensions. Simply stroke your fingers through the extensions with conditioner on your hands. 

5. Rinse the conditioner using cool water to help seal the moisture in the hair.

6. ICONN recommends that you air dry your hair. Pat it dry with a towel and hang the hair extensions with clips. If you do choose to blow dry your extensions refrain from using extremely high heat. 

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